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Artissima la Fiac from Turin

This very inspiring trip was extended by an incursion to the 24th Artissima Salon, FIAC in Turin that puts the turbo on the outskirts near the old Fiat factory on the news of contemporary art through a selection of 206 Galleries from 32 countries, representing 2000 works of 700 artists! A quick look at the charge which is supposed to be the quintessence of contemporary creation … But in the words of an expert on the contemporary scene JM Decrop, “Go to a fair, it’s like an explorer’s journey to meet unknown continents” we were not convinced to discover the egg of Christopher Columbus.

Many talents already dedicated … An important section which is also entitled “Back to the future” wants to rediscover rare pieces of pioneers of contemporary art.

Artissima embalms all the big names of contemporary stainless art: Sol LeWitt, Christo Parmiggiani Claudio and Gilberto Zorio to which the Castello devotes a retrospective at the same time. The Continua gallery that is replicated in 4 countries also represents some of these big names. We found the same aesthetic emotion at Rivoli Giuseppe Penone, a prominent member of the Arte Povera movement that unfolded on a picture rail in the Tucci Russo gallery, “Edera”, a work of 2007 in “cedar skin” reflects its empathetic work on nature.

The Fritelli gallery has dedicated its entire stand to the 60’s celebrating militant graphics and political collages with Italian artists like Ketty La Rocca, Lucia Marcucci, Tomaso Binga or Luciano Ori.

Impossible to not find Artissima artists in vogue like Anthony Gormley who presented a sculpture of iron of 2005 to the Gallery Continua, or the controversial Jan Fabre with a small very martial scenographic installation dating to 1992 all the same. Among the young guard, we can stop at the deconstructed beauty of the tortured works of Nicola Samorì, present with The fall of the giants in the Monitor Gallery in Rome. A young artist who works with the bodies and faces of the Baroque or Renaissance in a light-obscurity tragically ripping, gluing, by grinding with a scalpel the portraits he carries out in an ancient manner. Or the design work by the New Yorker Karl Haendel supported by the Sommer Gallery in Tel Aviv and that of the American Mark Dion at Fabienne Leclerc of the Parisian gallery In Situ, an artist who has already exhibited his curiosity cabinets at the Oceanographic museum of Monaco and who questions scientific classifications apparently using the same codes of representation..

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