Neven Allanic lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

A graduate of Villa Arson in 2007, he won the Gras Savoye Prize the same year, which allowed him to exhibit at the Maison Rouge, Antoine de Galbert Foundation in April-May 2008.

His work consists of a permanent reflection which amuses itself of the different codes governing our lives, those of art in particular, but also those of our childhood, world events, the circus and divert them from their practical function to bring them to another reality.

He makes his own codes and thus creates a personal phantasmagoria where the impact of natural events with the viewer is confronted with artificial events, which use these same natural elements.

His plastic practice is multidisciplinary: photography, sculpture, installation (video, sound), video, short film.

We have had the opportunity to show the works of Neven many times, and it is always a pleasure to discover the inverse of the decor from all its sides.

The work Cyclope, 2006 is part of the collection Bel Œil.

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