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Pierre Yovanovitch - Ouvrages

19 February 2020

Pierre Yovanovitch

  Editeur : Rizzoli Pleins feux sur le travail de l’architecte d’intérieur Pierre Yovanovitch. Sur ses réalisations à l’esthétique sobre et minimaliste, toujours habilement twistée d’une touche subtilement dissonante. Sur son goût pour les architectures sans surcharges ni ostentation, mais qui révèlent un caractère et une singularité remarquable. Sur la place…

23 December 2019

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Seascapes For over 40 years Hiroshi Sugimoto has traveled the world to photograph the sea, in its simplest form, detached from the effects of man and time. It is this work on water and air, essential elements, which is presented in this book demonstrating more than 200 “Seascapes”, sea landscapes…

19 February 2020

Charles Zana

Editeur Rizzoli L’architecte Charles Zana dessine des hôtels, des appartements, des boutiques et des restaurants dans un style à la fois rigoureux, luxueux et lumineux. “Notre métier est de mettre en scène les œuvres. Nous regardons où elles peuvent se situer, quels seraient les formats idéaux… et l’accrochage adéquat. Pour…

23 December 2019

Eloge de l’ombre

Junishiro Tanizaki Verdier Editeur “For a lacquer decorated with gold dust is not meant to be embraced at a glance in an illuminated place, but rather to be perceived in a dark place, in a diffused glow which, at times, reveals one or the other detail, so that the majority…

13 May 2020

Archi Brut

Peter Chadwick – Published by Phaidon    A broad overview of the fascinating architectural style of Brutalism, with prestigious examples of Brutalist buildings built between the 1950s and today. The book highlights many little-known gems of Brutalist architecture built in the former Eastern Bloc and around the world. It presents the…

23 December 2019

Marina Abramovic

Traverser les murs : mémoires Fayard Editeur     “Traverser les murs” tells how a young woman who grew up in the communist Yugoslavia under Tito’s rule became, in a few decades, a global icon of contemporary art.By pushing the limits of the human body, fear, pain, fatigue, in an…

23 December 2019

Axel Vervoordt – Wabi Inspirations

Axel Vervoordt – Wabi Inspirations The book references Wabi Sabi atmospheres defended by the antique decorator from Antwerp. A pleasure to the eyes, and the bases are numbered here so you can successfully make a decoration project pure and authentic!

13 May 2020


The Essence of Japanese Design Rossella Menegazzo and Stefania Piotti  Published by Phaidon     This ascetic, elegant book introduces the reader to the beauty, essence and impact of Japanese design through 250 iconic objects: from calligraphy brushes to traditional bento boxes made of lacquered wood and including paper lamps…