Bel Oeil : agence de décorateur d’intétieur à Nice

Cédric Tanguy

Cédric Tanguy is a French artist born in Brittany who today lives and works in Dieppe.

Cédric Tanguy’s work is a mixture of art history and popular imagery, resulting in an iconography of which he is both the author, the subject and the center.

Cédric Tanguy observes what surrounds him and transforms him into art … with a good dose of irony.

He first made himself known by making commissioned portraits around works of art history: Bacon, Delacroix, Friedrich or Hopper were revisited through photography, to build art very personal, eventually inhabited by their own subject.

A virtuoso visual artist, Cédric Tanguy easily moves from video to photography, from performance to staging. With cynicism but also compassion, he represents the monstrous anatomy of the ego, multiplying the metamorphoses and exploding the notions of identity.

Cédric’s works in the Bel Œil collection are as follows:

  • Or Boréal
  • Cedracula
  • Portrait de Bob Sinclar en Napoléon Bonaparte
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