The Team




Alexandre is French, jurassian traveler, and has lived in Nice for 25 years. He is the owner of Bel Œil and manages the addresses of Nice, Cannes and Chamonix. He also leads the Ready Made gallery which promotes dialogue between works of art and living spaces. Alexandre appreciates a sober and timeless aesthetic, durable; his mission is to guarantee at Bel Œil an expert approach to the offer of contemporary furniture, and a service adapted to the exclusive clientele of private individuals as well as to companies. He speaks English like Colin Firth.


Monaco Showroom

Elisabeth is Swedish by birth, Swiss by adoption and has been a resident of Monaco for 20 years. After many years at an American multinational, she changed her career path and created Deco & Beyond Sarl with her husband Nicholas in Monaco in 2010. She entered the real world of interior design, her lifelong passion. In 2018 Deco & Beyond joined forces with Bel Œil. Elisabeth manages the Monaco branch. She loves art in all its forms, Nature and animals. She speaks Swedish like Ingrid Bergman and English like Liza Minelli.


Monaco Showroom

Nicholas is Belgian and Swiss and Monegasque by adoption. Although he is passionate about architecture, he studied Law and had a career in finance. However, design finally caught up with him. He loves aestheticism, pure lines with a touch of sophistication, and likes to mix styles to create surprising, warm atmospheres. Associate at Bel Œil since 2018, he manages the Monaco branch. His credo : all the difference lies in the detail, which is not apparent at first glance. He speaks Italian like Dino Buzzati, German like Goethe, Spanish like Pedro Almodovar and English like the Beatles.


Development & Communication

Nathalie is Belgian, from Liège. After professional experiences in Brussels, Dubai and Luxembourg in high-end services, she settled at Bel Œil in 2017. She deals with business development, methods and Bel Oeil’s communication. She manages hotel and professional projects at the showrooms in Nice and Cannes . She speaks English like Natalie Portman and Dutch like Wim Delvoye.



Nice Showroom

Bénédicte is French, Varese. After studying art history and professional experiences in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, she joined Bel Œil in 2012 for a “quality” mission. She now deals with Hotel and Professional Projects at the Nice showroom and is also the knowledgeable documentalist of Bel Œil. She speaks English like David Bowie and Spanish like Diego Maradona.


Nice Showroom
Projects – Arclinea kitchens

Nicole is Italian, Bergamasque traveler. After studying architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, an Erasmus in Strasbourg, she joined Bel Œil in 2009. She offers projects to private customers of the Nice showroom and draws Bulthaup kitchens for lovers of contemporary gastronomy. She speaks Italian like Roberto Benigni and English like Nicole Kidman.


Nice and Cannes Showrooms

John is French but European above all. Passionate about the Arts “Fashion, Contemporary Art and Design”, after a long career in the world of luxury for the LVMH based in Paris, Benelux and Monaco, he joined Bel Oeil’s team in 2022. He speaks English like Mister Bean and German and Dutch like Queen Mathilde of Belgium.


Cannes Showroom
Showroom manager

Camille is French, from Nice. She has a Master’s degree in Architecture & Luxury Scenography. She joined Bel Œil in 2018. After working in an architecture studio in London, she is now more involved in the world of design. She is in charge of Cannes’s showroom. She speaks English like Sting.


Monaco Showroom
Commercial director
Business customers

Serge is French, Ain-born. Anchored in the hinterland of Nice, he triangulates with Savoy and Corsica. His heart is Monegasque for 30 years now and he deploys his commercial strategies to serve professional customers in Monaco. He talks about the office furniture’s beauty to showcase its ergonomics. He joined Bel Oeil in 2020. Passionate about astronomy and Star Wars, he speaks English like Luke Skywalker.


Monaco Showroom
Showroom manager

Stéphanie is French, from Alsace, and has lived in Nice for many years. After studying art and interior design and gaining professional experience in Nice and Monaco, she joined Bel Œil in 2018. She proposes projects to clients of the Monaco showroom. Stéphanie is an elegant motorcycle enthusiast. She speaks English like Mr. Bean and speaks Italian with her hands.


Chamonix Office
Interior designer

Emmanuelle is French, Parisian living in Chamonix. Interior designer, she is our reference to the mountains where she has been representing Bel Œil since 2015. She deals with projects for individuals, chalets and apartments, as well as hotels. She speaks English like Alexandra David Neel



Nice Showroom
Student – Design Office

Hioury is French, Guyanese. He grew up in the North of France and has lived in Nice since his studies in Design Decoration. With various experiences in technical and design drawing, he joined Bel Oeil’s Design Office in 2022. Football fan, he speaks English like Thomas Ngijol.



Administration &

Sylvie is French, niçois. With a long experience in a major carpentry company, she joined Bel Œil in 2009. She is an avid and very rigorous accountant. She manages the accounts for the 3 showrooms and the Ready Made gallery.