Bel Oeil : agence de décorateur d’intétieur à Nice

Collection Warren Platner

— Juin 2020

“A classic design is something that every time you look at it, you accept it as it is and you see no way of improving it.”
Warren Platner

Launched by Knoll in 1966, the Platner collection is an icon of modern furniture. She was able to capture the “decorative, soft and graceful” lines that were beginning to enter the vocabulary of architecture and design.

Warren Platner designed a collection of sculptural furniture from steel rods. Each part requires the welding of hundreds of bent steel rods, to form circular frames that serve as both structure and ornament.

Photo Article de Blink, Collection Warren Platner

Warren Platner, one of Eero Saarinen’s closest collaborators, was one of the major players in production at Knoll from the 1960s. His famous series of furniture (seats and tables) offers an unparalleled sculptural presence, in particular thanks to its structure in bundle of steel rods.

He has personally developed the production techniques for his models, the manufacture of which is a real feat … This collection proves how the association of high technology with artisanal know-how remains the fundamentals of an industry essentially motivated by achievement of perfect quality.

Each chair requires more than a thousand welds, and more than a hundred steel rods … Watch the video below:

The designer had collaborated with the company Eero Saarinen Associates before 1960. His proposal for chairs and tables comes from Knoll just after the famous Tulip collection… It offers an expressive renewal, and reveals more spectacular aesthetic values, for the design of the ‘time.

At Bel Oeil, we particularly appreciate this Platner collection. It gives rhythm to the spaces with its unequaled presence.

Photo Article de Blink, Collection Warren Platner