Bel Oeil : agence de décorateur d’intétieur à Nice

Edra – a unique design

— Juin 2021

Edra and Bel Œil seal their collaboration in 2021, with the integration of the Standard and Grande Soffice sofas in our showrooms, but above all with beautiful projects in progress.

Valerio Mazzei, President of Edra: “When we design a sofa or other piece of furniture, we do it with a deep intention: that it does not suffer from any form of obsolescence, neither stylistic, neither technique, nor use. . “

Edra was born in 1987 in Tuscany, near Florence …
The first productions were presented in an art gallery in Milan, they revealed in particular the creations of an architect in the making, a certain Zaha Hadid!

Today Edra is recognized around the world for the absolute quality of its products, which combine artistic creation, technological research, great craftsmanship, and very high quality materials.

The company has developed rare furniture and very qualitative solutions.
For example the smart cushion: a whole new concept, the secret of which is inside, hidden but immediately usable … A combination of special materials allows it to be shaped to your liking: it can rise, lower, take the position best suited to the use of the moment, in a simple and effortless way, by a light pressure of the hand.

Whether backrest or armrest, the intelligent cushion ensures maximum well-being and comfort …
It is found on the Standard, Grande Soffice, Essential … models which are the bestsellers of the Edra brand.

The creations of Francesco Binfaré are emblematic of the Edra collection: poetry, architecture and great comfort …
He is the most present designer at Edra, who offers a universe of his own, and here is a selection of sofas:

But Edra also knew how to collaborate with other great designers and creators …

Like the Campana brothers, inventive Brazilians, whose work we know is based on accumulation, the transgression of styles and a certain form of “up-cycling” before its time …
At Edra, Brasilia tables, Scrigno or Cabana furniture are important markers of their work!

… and of course their Cipria or Boa sofas, Favela, Corallo, Grinza or Vermelha armchairs contribute to the exceptional character of the Edra brand, recognizable among all!

Edra has established collaborations with other artist-designers, such as Masanori Umoda, Jacopo Foggini, or Ezri Tarazi … whose creations you can discover in the beautiful documentary below.
An exciting recent adventure in the world of design!

We hope to share this passion with you!
See you soon in our showroom in Nice, Cannes and Monaco !