Bel Oeil : agence de décorateur d’intétieur à Nice

Davide Groppi – Infinito / Flash

Davide Groppi at Bel Œil 

Bel Œil welcomed Davide Groppi and installed his Infinito and Flash lighting systems in its new showroom: a stainless steel strip cuts the exhibition space and carries a thin 18mm light ramp for any ceiling lighting.

Infinito is a tribute to the artistic work of Lucio Fontana and his “concetto spaziale”: on 12m to 18m long, the light band alters our perception of space and provides direct and indirect lighting. It can be used facing the ceiling, facing the wall or facing the ground.

Flash comes in addition, a limited length of 12m, and turns only toward the bottom of the room, from the ceiling: it is a direct light, very powerful and flexible … it owes its name, more impertinent than Infinito, to the famous Flash Gordon, who could run 7 times faster than light … an entire program!

This adventure with the lights of the Davide Groppi brand brings us to new approaches to decor and light: discover soon in the Bel Œil showroom in Nice!