Bel Oeil : agence de décorateur d’intétieur à Nice

Vintage furniture

— July 2019

Bel Oeil and Vintage furniture: it’s an old story!

Photo mobiliers vintage Bel Oeil dans l'article Blink
Lounge Chair de Ray & Charles Eames – Hermann Miller

When we are passionate, we seek … And finally all designers interest us. As a result, it is natural to present vintage pieces in our showrooms. Collector’s items, which tell the story of our furniture.

Here LCW chairs and armchairs by Ray and Charles Eames, first Zenith editions by Evans, in the years 1948/50. There is also a pretty table with removable top desgined by Arne Jacobsen, edited by Fritz Hansen…

Or this magnificent Lounge Chair by Eames, version dating from the end of the 70s, and edited by Hermann Miller in the United States!

These pieces of furniture have a history, and the vintage versions that we present to you add an experience to our atmospheres, a patina which gives them more reality: a real use value, of a few decades, that a next buyer will be able to appropriate!

to be continued, with new pieces … the collection is growing!