Bel Oeil : agence de décorateur d’intétieur à Nice

What if we bought art? ?

— Décember 2020

Dino Gavina : Lorsqu’il s’agit d’envisager rationnellement la décoration d’une maison, l’architecte l’a toujours complétée avec un tableau, une sculpture, un objet qui renvoie à un monde de fantaisie et de miracle et qui va au-delà du simple projet fonctionnel”.

Dino Gavina was one of the great editors of contemporary furniture in the 60s and 70s … and he is a model for Bel Œil: the Italian entrepreneur was a pioneer in designer furniture; however, he also found inspiration from his artist friends.

Lucio Fontana, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Roberto Matta or Meret Oppenheim were shown by Gavina, and contributed to the audacity of her creations, to a form of harmony of her presentations … You have to look Paradiso Terrestre, her publishing house.

“Magritte” by Roberto Matta – “Le Témoin” by Man Ray – “Hommage à Warhol” by Dino Gavina


At Bel Œil, we collect inspirations, encounters, and we wish to present them to you on our walls, or in our ambiances… The presence of works of art and collection furnitures by our side is essential, and we have been working in this direction for almost 25 years.

Thanks to our exchanges with artists, with galery owners, we have accumulated a certain number of rare objects, which we strive to present with us, and at home. You must discover them in our showrooms, or on the pages Art Collection et Design Collection on our website.

Œuvres d’Arman & G. Malanga – tapisserie S. Delaunay – Œuvres C. Parmiggiani & P. Halley

  • Bel Œil Design Collection :
    It is a real support for our collaboration with the major design publishers: we find historic furniture, which has lived through their normal use, and whose authors have become referents, often published by the major brands that are Cassina, Knoll, Fritz Hansen ou Carl Hansen…
    These historic pieces of furniture, which are sometimes over 60 years old, have become rare, and we are proud to be able to present them. They are also the sign of the durability of our collections, the durability of manufacturing and uses … we are far from programmed degeneration, and if you make a purchase at Bel Œil, it is expected to last!

fauteuils Chandigarh 1955/56 Pierre Jeanneret – banquette Cansado 1955/56 Charlotte Perriand – fauteuil CH27 1959 Hans Wegner

  • Bel Œil Art Collection :
    We have always wanted to involve artists in our presentations.… and we have often acquired works, to keep them, to show them but also to resell them, as part of our projects.Or to serve as a support for the presentation of a work, and to connect artists, gallery owners and potential clients.Our artists present serious backgrounds, in relation to museums and galleries, and their work questions our relationship to the organization of our spaces, or our deep convictions … They are active in the proximity, or of international scope: the important thing is the requirement with which we strive to present them, and what they awaken in us.

Œuvre Frank Stella – Statuette Tsogo – Œuvres Daphne Corregan & Georges Meurant

We hope to share this passion with you!
And who knows, motivate future purchases? Indulge yourself, invest in or support the work of artists, always useful and inspiring: it is a chance to live among works, especially today!

Photographie de Jürgen Nefzger – Recul des Glaciers – Panta Rhei, Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland, 2006

for companies and liberal professions: a work can be sold gradually, in the form of leasing, integrated in the expenses of your structure. Efficient and optimized model: ask us for the process!

See you soon in our showrooms in Nice, Cannes and Monaco !