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Aeron Chair – Herman Miller

— Juillet 2020

“ Nous voulions un type de siège totalement inédit”
Don Chadwick & Bill Stumpf

The Aeron chair was launched in 1994 by Herman Miller.
He has become a legend in designer furniture, featured in many films and press images. It symbolizes contemporary modernity and technicality and has found its place in popular culture.

Aeron Chair is available in our showrooms !

embodied innovation in ergonomics and materials. It offered a comfortable seat, adapted to the multiple and transversal uses of the working world.
… all without the use of foam, fabric or leather: Aeron Chair has revolutionized the perception of the office chair!

… watch this interesting video of Henri Ford Museum of American Innovation !

It presents the inspirations and motivations of the designers at the time of the creation of the Aeron Chair. Ray et Charles Eames‘s creations, the toy industry, mechanics, and already, a economy of means and environmental impact.

In 2016, Aeron Chair was completely remastered, to meet even more the needs of contemporary users.

The new seat puts twenty years of technological and ergonomic progress at the service of the health of users and the improvement of so-called “transversal” performance.
With a revised recline mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SL system and 8Z Pellicle suspension, the seat Remastered Aeron works even smarter than before, and lets us do the same.

Don Chadwick is always there, passionate, to present him to us:

Aeron Chair is available at Bel Œil !

It is a real asset of our proposal for professional solutions. At Bel Œil, we are always creating more workspaces, in companies, in administrations, and more recently in the private sphere (teleworking obliges!).
The current context confirms our historical desire to mix models of private accommodation with professional ones, for the benefit of people, their comfort and their fulfillment at work …