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Cédric Teisseire

Cédric Teisseire is a painter from the Villa Arson in Nice; he is also the co-founder of the Station, a space devoted to contemporary creation.

“Cédric Teisseire is known for his paintings composed of colored lines that fall in a straight line and that form like curtains improbably thrown on the visible great kitchen where one expects to generally discover in a painting such an aspect. In a certain way, these paintings leave us, in effect, at the door of the visible by barring our gaze and deceiving our expectation. But, at the same time, they offer us a particular “image”, with the same deception. It is on this that Cédric Teisseire built his work and it was not an easy bet. Because it takes our expectations and our certainties backwards and succeeds in making us understand that they are undoubtedly worth something but that they are in us as obstacles to new pleasures.

Thus, it is a curtain that form these vertical drips, which the remains of the drips confirm that form like a thin, flat sheet. This sign of an imperfection is the confirmation of the process, but this curtain is in itself a particular reality. It is absolutely pictorial and at the same time is of another order. These drips constitute, as such, a sort of between-two purely fictional worlds, the one of the fiction that haunts us in that they do not come under either painting in the usual sense or reality in the sense of what would be off the board.

It is the same in his recent works, which are monochromes populated by small outgrowths that form like grains of skin raised by a shiver or small erectile nipples awakened by an imperceptible wind. The process is different. It’s about letting the canvas dry by putting it upside down. The accumulated paint forms small icicles that once fixed and the canvas raised are like controlled extensions of a bright skin. What happens then on these paintings is of another order. Fiction gives way to the perception of this phenomenon at once so intimate and so external to us, that of the skin.

In giving us to see these pieces of skin, Cédric Teisseire invites us to differently perceive what we are and especially opens us to this incongruous idea, and yet so right to recognize in our skin this border both absolute and fictitious that separates us of the unknown that teems in us and the unknown around us. In one case, we settle the thing by saying, “this is my body” and in the other saying, “this is the world”. In fact there is no exception that this dream is real and fictional, truly dreamed and which is the border, the between, the separation and the link. Indeed, it continues to stretch outward and speak the language of the internal. Thus, evoking the vibration of an inaccessible inside that prevents us from accessing the visible, Cédric Teisseire makes skin both the screen on which the gaze and the subject of any demonstration. He also tells us that we are only uncertain breaths wrapped in the great curtain of color that drips from the skin of the world. “

Jean-Louis Poitevin, 2008 In

We had the pleasure of showing on several occasions the work of Cédric, especially during the first exhibition of our space in Cannes. It is always an inspiring experience to confront his colorful works to our worlds, and to observe how his plastic action modifies our projects.

2 of Cédric’s artworks are part of the collection Bel Œil:

  • Alias – 2004
  • Frisson – 2007


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